“My Little Pony” Or Emotional Support Animal? (Only In The US……)


First there was the pig (read more here), then the turkey (read more here), that dog that couldn’t walk due to being too fat (read more here), the rooster (read more here) and now this “One Trick Pony”.


The emotional support animal rules appears to be very lax in the United States and anyone can buy off of internet “vest” identifying their favorite pet as one (emotional support animal) instead of going through the proper channels.

The photo above was apparently taken from Southwest Airlines flight and posted on her open Facebook page:

EDIT: Seems that miniature horses can be service animals per ADA under certain circumstances:

Download (PDF, 963KB)


This is such a difficult topic. I have no issue for those TRULY needing an emotional support animal to have one accompanying them during travels. But a pony, pig, rooster, turkey…….

Not sure if this has just become a huge joke for some? Are some so emotionally distressed during their travels that a pony can help them?

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