LoyaltyLobby Website Issues On Wednesday (April 26)


LoyaltyLobby front page had accessing issue for several hour this past Wednesday morning when visitors were shown the below “database connection error” message. There was brief outage during the evening too when the database was fixed.

LoyaltyLobby Website Issues

This partial outage didn’t affect any other pages on the website. All the back links, links from the email/Facebook/Twitter and Google were resolving just fine for the content.

The website hasn’t had serious issues for more than year and a half before this incident (and this was the first time the server was rebooted for more than 400 days).


The website traffic has grown significantly since the current server was brought online several years ago. I have been surprised how long it has functioned without any hiccups and the current one wasn’t a server issue either.

We are in the process of moving everything to AWS (already use Cloudfront for the CDN) and to have two or three instances in the United States, Europe and perhaps in Asia. If one goes down or is affected by outage, the traffic will flow to one(s) online.

This move will probably happen in the second half of May. I don’t expect it to cause issues to the website functions besides speeding up the delivery of pages.

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