British Airways Executive Club Changes

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British Airways has gone downhill as of late by thousands of cuts including the Buy-on-Board that was first introduced to short-haul fleet and apparently the airline is contemplating launching it to select long-haul flights as well.

British Airways Executive Club Changes

The airline launched certain fares for short-haul flights that didn’t include checked bag or even seat selection regardless of the passenger’s status. Now, however, they are offering something semi positive.

You can access BA’s web page for the changes here.

1. Seat Selection on HBO fares

British Airways Bronze, Silver and Gold members can choose starting on June 14, 2017, their seat without a fee on Hand-Baggage-Only fares. These fares still don’t come with any luggage allowance for elite members.

2. Status Hold Due to Maternity/Paternity/Adoption Leave

Bronze, Silver and Gold members can put their Executive Club status on hold for 12 months due to maternity, paternity or adoption leave.


Not sure why BA lists earning Avios for eshopping as a new benefit on that page? Members have been able to use the shopping portal to earn Avios already for a very long time.

I have never purchased these HBO fares from BA due to traveling with black 22 and computer bag. Usually need to check the carry on if traveling in economy and thus rather either done a Reward Flight Saver (RFS) or just purchased a ticket on OTA where checked package is included.

The status hold can come handy for those that will be on parental leave for a while. Seems that more loyalty programs are offering something like this today. Makes sense. Why penalize someone taking care of family business and won’t cost anything to BA?