Whine Wednesdays: Window Seat Without A Window (Flying Malaysia Airlines Boeing 737)


This weeks Whine Wednesday is about a real pet peeve of mine, namely that often some rows in Economy Class do not have windows, leaving your with the “Window Seat” without an actual window.

I took a short Malaysia Airlines flight in Economy Class from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur the other day and ended up changing my seat last minute since the middle seat was empty in that row.

What the MH agent didn’t mention was that this particular row actually doesn’t have any window and I didn’t ask either even though I should know better than this.

I really prefer window seats especially on short flights because I usually don’t get out of my seat and this way I don’t have people climb over me who need to use the washroom, take something out of the overhead bin or whatever other reason leads people to get up from their seats.

SeatGuru actually warns people of this particular seat to not select it ahead of time.

I usually look at these charts when using our Expertflyer account but it’s obviously difficult to do so when you’re in front of someone at the airport. You don’t really want to waste peoples time to pull up seat reviews.


Don’t make the mistake I did when selecting your seats. Thankfully this was a very short flight of just 2 hours and due to the 6am departure I quickly fell asleep anyway.

The missing window also means less space because the solid panel is shaped/bent outward and not inward like the panels that have windows so that’s another reason to avoid this spot.