Another United Airlines Incident: Crazy Check In Agent Cancels Ticket Because Passenger Films The Interaction


United Airlines hasn’t received much good publicity as of late after dragging the elderly man off the plane in Chicago, killed the bunny that was transported from UK to the US and sending French woman to West Coast instead of Paris.

Now, crazy United Airlines check in agent canceled passenger’s ticket after they had dispute about baggage fee and the man started videotaping the incident. United agent incorrectly claimed that the passenger had no right to film the interaction (she was wrong – he could in a public space).

Here’s an excerpt from NBC Bay Area (access the entire piece here):

He says a United Airlines agent canceled his trip for doing what other frustrated passengers have done to prove their case: videotaping an airline worker.

The 4 a.m. confrontation occurred in New Orleans when Oza was checking in for his flight home to San Francisco. Oza says he was told it would cost $300 to check the same bulky bag that cost $125 on the way there.

“The woman was incorrect,” McCarron said. “[Oza] doesn’t have to have her permission to film. He’s in a public area, and he can film as much as he wants. As long as he’s in a public area and so is she.”


The airline employees like the check in agent here don’t like being taped because that is easy way to prove how wrong they are. The passenger here was at the airport that is considered a public space and thus the recording the interaction was fine.

United Airlines still has many employees on the payroll that appear to hate passengers. Nothing has changed over the years. Some believe that they are the police, the judge and the jury simultaneously.

I was once flying out on New Orleans when storm was approaching and everyone was told to leave (this was after Katrina). Only one United employee showed up for work that morning to check in the entire flight. She said to me that next time she won’t show up either.

I love that there is more accountability nowadays when everyone is carrying a recording device with them.