GOL Introduces Checked Baggage Fees Effective June 20, 2017


Sebastian wrote back in March (read more here) new protections that air travelers in Brazil were entitled to based on new legislation.

GOL Baggage Fees

One of the readers noted at the time that the Brazilian airlines were now allowed to charge for checked baggage (previously 23 kilos included for free per Brazilian legislation). It didn’t take too long for this practice to start in the Brazil as well.

GOL sent out an email overnight that they would introduce new LIGHT fare that would allow ZERO checked luggage and passengers traveling domestically or internationally have the ability to pay extra for checking a bag or two. This will take effect on June 20, 2017.

Here’s the new baggage chart:

GOL Baggage Fees Included Or Not

It remains to be seen if the LIGHT fare is also available on varios OTAs such as Expedia or only on GOL’s website.

Checked luggage prices:

GOL Baggage Fees How Much

The domestic first bags costs 30 BRL that is basically $10.


Haven’t we seen this all? The new LIGHT fare is the previous lowest one but now without any baggage allowance. This has traditionally been the case with most airlines introducing these checked luggage exclusive rates.

Domestic airfares in Brazil are all over the map. Sometimes they are very low while at other times high’ish. The service in all major Brazilian airlines (GOL, LATAM, Azul & Avianca) is non-existent and I purely buy on price and schedule.

GOL has interline agreements with quite a few airlines including Delta and Air France-KLM that also own part of this Brazilian carrier.