Become A Mileage Millionaire: Star Alliance Turns Twenty And Gives Away 21x 1 Million Miles (1 Winner Per Frequent Flyer Program)


It’s the 20th Anniversary of the Star Alliance which has grown considerably from just 5 initial members to now 28 carriers with 21 frequent flier programs, each of which will give 1 Million Miles to a lucky winner.

Participants of the competition will submit travel/culture related photos through the Star Alliance website from which a winner will be chosen in the end.

One Million miles can go a long way so that’s obviously a very attractive prize but keep in mind that one winner per FFP will be chosen so your chances are significantly higher if you participate as a member of one of the smaller programs of Copa, Ethiopian or South African Airways instead of the programs with a huge pool of members such as United Mileage Plus or Lufthansa Miles&More.

You can access the Star Alliance competition website here.

You can enter the competition in just four easy steps. First use our photo app to upload your favorite cultural experience, tell us where it was, what it was that made it so special and let us know how we can reach you. The winners will be announced on September 28, 2017.

The Competition starts on 14 May 2017 at 00:01 UTC (“Start Date”) and ends on 31 July 2017at 24:00 UTC (“Closing Date”).  Entries must be submitted/uploaded online through the web page of the Competition.

Participants are required to upload two images, one portrait (likely to be used on the website or printed advertisement materials of Star Alliance) and a picture of a ‘cultural activity’ which is characterized as

A cultural experience is your personal interaction with practices, habits, traditions and customs of the place you have visited, and the impact they had on you and your perception of them.

As far as the image quality goes there are minimum requirements as far as resolution goes (400 dpi).

Either a selfie or a portrait will work well in the tool. Just ensure the photos are taken against a plain, ideally white, background with no patterns.

Ideally the photos should be submitted in high-resolution wherever possible and in the same file format, e.g. jpg. In addition, please ensure that both your portrait and your cultural experience photo are in the same orientation, e.g. both in landscape or both in portrait.

The entries will be judged after the submission deadline (July 31st 2017) is over.


Fun competition with very attractive prices. As far as the chances to win go, as mentioned before the opportunity is higher when participating as a customer of a smaller FFP that has less members and likely much less participants in this competition overall.

Some Airlines/FFP’s give an alternative prize to the one million. For example SAS will give out 4x Business Class Round The World tickets.