Reminder Email: Turkish Airlines Now Offers Premium Seat Reservations For A Fee Starting At US$29


Turkish Airlines has jumped on the bandwagon of ancillary services some time ago and is now selling premium seats on their flights for a fee starting at US$29 for short flights and upwards for long haul.

Airlines all over the world have started to charge for every imaginable extra perk or service separately, especially in Economy Class so it comes at no surprise Turkish is now offering it as well.

The carrier sent out an email to their customers today that they ‘now’ offer this feature even though I’m a bit puzzled by this mailer since that has been the case for some time now.

You can access the email web version here.

In the typical way for Turkish Airlines, the link in this email that’s supposed to lead you to ‘More Information’ does no such thing and just routes you to the TK website’s main page.

I’ve flown Turkish Economy Class roughly a year ago between Istanbul and Kuala Lumpur and even though I was offered an Exit Row seat free of charge I decided to go with a regular one as I had the entire middle row to myself. If you’re a tall person on a full flight this could be a worthwhile investment though because I found the seats to be pretty tight.


The strange email aside I think it doesn’t have to be a negative thing at all. If you’re able to score a low priced Economy ticket and invest lets say another US$100 for a nice Exit Row seat then that can be a good deal.

It used to be that being an Elite Member or going to the airport check-in early pretty much guaranteed you a good seat free of charge but nowadays that option has often been eliminated since airlines are selling their exit and bulkhead seats as ‘premium’ ahead of time. When the day of departure comes these seats are often gone already.