Reader Question: Airline Miscredits Award Change – What To Do?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me an email about (not always so) strange situation with loyalty program that miscredited award flight after record was split.

Reader Question Airline

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Here’s the email from the reader:

I’m interested in some advice after a recent experience – here’s what happened:

Bought 2 reward seat flights from Athens to Sydney on the same itinerary for 150,000 REMOVED plus taxes

Broke up with my girlfriend.

Split the itinerary which created two separate booking reference numbers.

Kept mine the same, changed her flights to different dates which meant the original booking was cancelled and refunded and we made a new booking with the new dates.

From the cancellation of the original booking (not including mine as the itineraries were split) this refunded 150,000 points to my account (instead of only 75000) then only charged me 75000 for the new booking so I ended up collecting an extra 75000 points I’m not entitled to.

Should I spend the points asap before they notice? Should I just leave them there? What rights do I have given they made a mistake and can they charge me if I spend them and then they find out/audit the account?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! These are REMOVED points.


Sometimes airlines and hotel loyalty programs may forget to deduct or miscredit award reservations especially when changes are made. It is up individual whether they inform the program or not about this.

I would say that the reader should leave the points to his account. If they are not deducted correctly over the next 12 months, I would say that it is likely that they stay. I would not, however, immediately use them because his may lead to a situation where your account balance becomes negative and the loyalty program may cancel an existing reservation to resolve the issue.