Stop Touching Your Nose On Emirates Or Be Accused Of Cocaine Use


British & South African dual national didn’t get the warmest welcome in Dubai when transiting from London to Johannesburg early May to attend a party.

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Cabin crew thought that the lady had been using drugs due to touching of her nose during the flight on her business/first class seat (unclear which from the reporting) and had informed the ground. Police was waiting for her in Dubai.

Here’s an excerpt what Daily Mail reported (access the piece here):

A property investor claims she was arrested in Dubai and forced to take a blood test after cabin crew falsely accused her of taking cocaine on a flight.

Cabin crew pointed her out to officers and she was detained for more than three hours, forced to give a blood test, had her baggage searched and missed her connecting flight to the party.

‘The only explanation they gave me was that I was seen looking through my bag, sniffing my nose and touching my nose, which is quite normal on a long flight with air conditioning.


You have to be careful even what prescription drugs you have with you while transiting in the UAE and have those prescriptions available just in case.

People should remember that Dubai is not a paradise if you get into any kind of trouble. One Starwood hotel employee was raped by her colleagues. Guess who got jailed after she reported the case? She of course and you can read more about it here.

And remember to have that alcohol license ready if you consume alcohol on Emirates flights or even at hotel bars in the city. Theoretically it is needed but won’t be enforced unless someone wants to nail you.