Airfare of the Day: Cathay Pacific OSL-LHR-HKG USD 1905 (RT Business Class)

Today’s Airfare of the Day goes to Cathay Pacific Business Class excursion fares between Oslo and Hong Kong.

This fare was published on o1 APR 2017 and expires on 31 DEC 2018.

Fare Details:

  • Fare: Cathay Pacific (CX) IAARRNO8
  • Booking class: OSL-LHR BA I (Business Class) / LHR-HKG CX I (Business Class)
  • Price: USD 1905 (USD 1674 Base Fare + Taxes & Surcharges)
  • Flight application: Intra Europe segments must be on BA/KL/SK/LH/LX – Travel between Europe and Hong Kong must be on CX metal
  • Minimum stay: 3 days after departure from fare origin
  • Maximum stay: 3 months after departure from fare origin
  • Stopovers: 3 stopovers permitted: 2 in HKG at EUR 200,00 and 1 in Europe inbound at EUR 150,00
  • Transfers: Unlimited transfers permitted in HKG/Europe
  • Travel restrictions: Valid for travel commencing on/before 31 DEC 2018
  • Sales restrictions: Tickets must be issued on the stock of CX and must be issued on/before 31 DEC 2017
  • Cancellations: Any time, charge EUR 200,00 cancel/refund
  • Changes: Any time, charge USD 100,00 for reissue/revalidation

Booking examples:

Plenty of availability from July 2017 to April 2018 using Matrix ItaSoftware:

This fare is bookable through Priceline:

Fare construction (can be useful to travel agents):

Mileage accrual:

Mileage accrual was estimated for round trip travel without considering any elite status bonuses.


Business Class fares ex-OSL are usually good (surprisingly!). I have seen cheaper prices before, but this one is still a good one. It can also be an opportunity to try CX Business product in their A350s.

Fare rules

Download (PDF, 94KB)