Malaysia Airlines Amadeus Switchover June 10, 2017 (Be Prepared)

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Malaysia Airlines made an announcement last year that they would be adopting full suite of Amadeus products that will power the reservation system come June 11.

Malaysia Airlines System Change

Like in any other reservation system/GDS switch, this means that the airline needs to move all the reservations from the old system to the new one and there could be some hick ups along the way, although the Southwest Amadeus switch earlier in the month was a smooth one.

Here’s what Malaysia Airlines sent out to Enrich program members:

Malaysia Airlines System Change Text


I believe that I once flew when Air New Zealand or it could have been Cathay Pacific the morning the airline switched from one system to another and it took few extra key strokes to get the boarding pass issued.

Just make sure that you check in before your flights and have print out of your eticket receipt just in case something goes wrong during the switch. Many airlines have adopted Amadeus products to power them and seems that these switches have gone smoothly as of late (compared to some past disasters in the US).

I truly hope that adopting the Amadeus technology would make booking on Malaysia’s website easier.