RANT: How To Prepare For Laptop Ban Flights?


So, the day has come, when I am taking one of the flights affected by the laptop/electronics ban instituted two months ago.


United States and the UK both have restrictions for electronics that can be taken on-board from select airports in the Middle East (different set of airports for UK & US).

When I purchased this around the world ticket late last year (read more here), I had do idea that something like this would be instituted. Had I known, I would have booked different set of flights avoiding UK altogether.

On a positive note, this made me to sign up for online back up service that I can use to transfer certain folders from my laptop to the “cloud”, as I have zero faith that I will see my laptop and other electronics in London this early afternoon.


I have had several friends taken flights affected by this ban and their electronics have made it, but they weren’t flying on BA. At least one reader had their electronics stolen after checking them in on Turkish Airways (read more here).

Let’s hope that this insanity ends one day. All these lithium ion batteries inside checked luggage is a fire hazard and not sure how checking these to cargo would do much of a difference if someone has decided to take the plane down.

The underlying fare used for this ticket is gone which means that changing the ticket before flying the first segment would have meant repricing the entire journey (not good).