Reader Question: How To Keep Track Of Loyalty Program Accounts?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a message on Facebook about a topic that must be of interest to many. How to keep track of various loyalty program accounts?

Reader Question Loyalty Program Accounts

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Here’s the email from the reader:

I have got a generic question about account security. I manage both my FF membership and hotel loyalty programs of myself and my family. (about 50 accounts in total) I use awardwallet which I think you are not really too keen about. How do you go about keeping track of your accounts? I still keep an Excel spreadsheet of flights and hotels just in case awardwallet crashes.

I have never used AwardWallet to track my loyalty program accounts but did use some other web based service in the past (cannot remember the name).

This is very old fashioned but I use Excel (or actually OpenOffice) spreadsheet for account numbers, passwords, security questions, email addresses (I tend to have program specific ones) and expiry dates.

I have tried to cut the number of loyalty program accounts that I use and was able to clear out my Airberlin account the other week (read more here).


I would say that AwardWallet is probably the best service for most that would like to keep track of multiple family accounts.

The biggest problem for me often are these stupid security questions/answers that many loyalty programs now require. Impossible to remember them all unless you record them to a file.