Hilton Honors Points & Miles Double Dip: Earning Both Points & Airlines Miles


Hilton Honors is the only hotel loyalty program that I know of which allows the member to earn both hotel loyalty program points and airline miles for the same stay.

Hilton Honors Points & Miles

Hilton Honors calls this Points & Miles scheme the “Double Dip”. To earn airline miles you have to forgo earning an additional 5 Hilton HHonors points per dollar spent. This does not affect the base earnings of 10 Hilton Honors points that everyone will earn regardless.

You can access your Hilton HHonors account here.

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Should my Double Dip earning option be Points + Points or Points + Miles?

I believe that five Hilton HHonors points are more valuable than one airline mile that members usually earn per dollar spent.

There are cases where earning partner miles could be beneficial:

1. There is a promotion to earn double/triple/quadruple or fixed miles bonus for your stays. These are prevalent with Asia and some Europe based airlines.

2. You need to top up your airline frequent flier account.

3. This is a good way to have some activity in your airline account and not let those miles expire.

4. An airline has a promo going on for partner transactions.

Which partner to choose?

Here’s the list of current partners (access list on Hilton’s website here):

Hilton Honors Double Dip Americas 1Hilton Honors Double Dip Americas 2Hilton Honors Double Dip Americas 3Hilton Honors Double Dip Europe Middle East & Africa 1Hilton Honors Double Dip Europe Middle East & Africa 2Hilton Honors Double Dip Europe Middle East & Africa 3Hilton Honors Double Dip Europe Middle East & Africa 4Hilton Honors Double Dip Asia-Pacific 1Hilton Honors Double Dip Asia-Pacific 2Hilton Honors Double Dip Asia-Pacific 3Hilton Honors Double Dip Asia-Pacific 4

As you can see there are some partners that give by default more than 1 mile per USD spent: AeroMexico, LAN (LATAM Pass), Iberia, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Australia and AirAsia.

There are partners such as JetBlue and Virgin America that earn less than 1 mile per USD spent.

You do have to keep in mind, however, that airlines have different award charts and sometimes earning 1 miles can be more valuable than 2.

The number of airline miles that one can earn for a stay are capped at 10,000. Also, Iberia Plus members can only earn up to 1,000 Avios per stay.

Here’s how to access Double Dip preferences

Hilton HHonors has made it very difficult to change the earning preferences and actually find the list of partner programs and their current earning rates (access the latter here).

You first need to log into your account (do it here) and then you need to choose “GO TO MY ACCOUNT PAGE” (access here).

Then you need to click “EDIT PREFERENCES” (access here):

Hilton Honors Double Dip Edit Peferences


Hilton HHonors Double Dip Earning Style

And click earnings style that opens another window :

Hilton Honors Double Dip My Way Earning Style

Here you can choose the earning style of Points & Points or Points & Miles:

Your edit preferences (access here) page has listed all the partners that you have one file:

Hilton Honors Double Dip Preferred Travel Partners

Here you can change the preferred partner where you want the miles go, add a partner or delete one.

How to switch between partners and earning options?

It doesn’t matter what preference you have on file Hilton HHonors ON the night that you stay at the hotel. It matters what you have on file on the day of check out. This works as long as the hotel uses OnQ or Opera that transfers the check out data back to Hilton HHonors every night.

Keeping this in mind you can switch between different earning styles and partners as often as required.

Here are earning examples:

Hilton Honors Points & Miles SQ

Here are quadruple KrisFlyer earnings for a stay in New Zealand combined with the 2K Every Day-offer.

Hilton Honors Points & Miles SQ 2

Here’s an example of four separate promotions combined for a stay in Guangzhou.


Hilton Honors has made it very difficult to find this earning option (the default is Points + Points), although most would benefit of earning airline miles especially when there is partner promo running.

I have been crediting the miles to number of airlines over the past 12 months including Singapore Airlines and Avianca amongst others

Remember that you can sign up for the global promotion for bonus points and separate airline related offers at the same time and earn both bonus points and miles for the same stay. This way you can really boost your point and miles earnings at the same time. Airlines sometimes offer separate bonus offers for hotel points deposits that you can earn in addition

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