Whine Wednesdays: Garbage All Around The Airport?


Last weekend I went to Ibiza with friends (check my trip review here in case you missed it), and we were greeted with a not so pleasant surprise when we landed at the airport.

Ibiza airport cleaning staff went on strike on May 16, and neither a single trash bin nor a toilet had been emptied or cleaned.

The cleaning concessionaire declared bankruptcy, stiffing the employees with 4 months’ salary, which led to the strike. Here are some images of the debacle after 6 days of not cleaning.



Although the strike was called off yesterday and the airport is being cleaned and disinfected today, the situation last Monday when I returned was disgusting. I did not take any pictures of the state of the toilets because I did not dare to go in. In cases like this, the local authorities should not allow the situation to become this extreme, as it can easily become a sanitary emergency and a health hazard both for travelers and airport staff.