PAYLESS Rent A Car Receives U.S. Nationwide Warning from BBB (Better Business Bureau) Due To Horrible Customer Service


The U.S. Better Business Bureau (BBB) has issued a nationwide warning against PAYLESS Rent A Car after the consumer bureau received an exorbitant amount of complaints over a three year period.

The company has now received a F grading from the consumer advocates who also urged attorneys general in four states to conduct an investigation into the companies business practices.

Car rental companies can be problematic to deal with and the cheaper the provider the worse the service and vehicles they rent out to customers. In other words: You get what you pay for!

PAYLESS is a low budget provider of which AVIS is the parent company. It’s pretty much the lowest in the food chain in the Avis family which also owns Budget Rent A Car. While budget is a relatively decent provider that even has a Frequent Renter Program (FastBreak) which allows customers to bypass the often horrible lines at the counter, PAYLESS is really the worst of them all and gets the oldest cars. They are likely being passed down from Avis to Budget to Payless.

Somehow these companies have to make money on their advertised $7.99 per day rentals and often this works through pushy upsell practices, dishonest rental contracts that lets customers sign to purchase extra insurance even though they weren’t informed and claims of damages the customer allegedly caused.

ABC News (see here) reported yesterday that the BBB now issued a nationwide warning to consumers not to rent from PAYLESS based on problems such as the ones outlined.

The Better Business Bureau is issuing a nationwide warning to customers about Payless Car Rental, a major car rental company found at airports across the country.

The BBB says it has received more than 800 complaints about Payless in the past three years and has given the company an F rating. Now the organization is urging attorneys general in four states — California, Florida, New Jersey and Oklahoma — to investigate Payless and its parent company, Avis.

“They have sales practice issues and contract issues and billing issues with consumers,” Amie Mitchell, the president of the BBB serving eastern Oklahoma, told ABC News correspondent Gio Benitez.

Questions about fees are a major part of a proposed class-action lawsuit filed against Payless after unhappy customers launched a Facebook group claiming they were charged for services they said they didn’t want. …

Greg Kohn, one of the lawyers who filed the lawsuit, told ABC News, “Payless has used deceptive business practices in order to lure customers into their shop to rent their vehicles. They use low rates online to get people to use them over other rental agencies, but when you get there, they slam you with additional fees.” …

The ABC news team didn’t just take BBB at their word and did a couple of test rentals which brought up a barrage of problems and deceptive sales practices by staff at various locations.

You can pull PAYLESS up wherever you want, be it Yelp or Tripadvisor, and you find horrendous reviews by customers. Yet again: You get what you pay for!


I would never expect to get a proper car at a company such as Payless and similar low budget providers that pride themselves on super cheap rates. It’s simply trouble waiting to happen.

It’s one thing if the sales associate tries to upsell customers and once they decline then they drop the attempt but just adding extras to the contract and swipe the customers credit card is fraud. Most credit cards and even some debit cards nowadays come with a basic rental car protection that however also have many conditions and exclusions (read your cardholder agreement carefully!) which can save car rental customers a lot of money if they wish to rely on these policies. These insurances became so widespread that it created a big problem for the rental car companies because their revenue from selling insurance add ons plummeted and now they have to somehow recover that revenue.