Compensation Clinic: JW Marriott Zhengzhou – Missing Shower Utensils And Injury In The Bathroom


This weeks Compensation Clinic comes to us from a a reader who stayed at the JW Marriott Zhengzhou, China and injured herself in the bathroom while looking for missing shower utensils.

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The reader stayed at the Marriott property on business and noticed during her shower that there are no bathroom utensils (soap, shampoo) in the shower and had to leave the shower stall searching for the items during which she slipped and injured herself.

I received the request through WeChat by a friend and business partner who follows LoyaltyLobby in China and contacted me based on our frequently featured compensation cases to seek advise.

Hi Sebastian:

I’m at the Marriott in Zhengzhou at the moment and want to ask for your help.

They had no soap in the shower and I had to go out looking for it, then injured myself while falling down. Very bad bruise!!

What can I ask for in terms of compensation? The hotel offered a voucher for 2 nights at a hotel in Sanya.


I replied to her that given the circumstances I’d recommend asking for 15-20,000 Marriott Rewards Points to be deposited into her account (Marriott Gold status).

She later notified me that the hotel management agreed to deposit 20,000 Marriott Rewards points plus also the previously mentioned certificate for 2 nights at Marriott Resort in Sanya (probably the same owner).


I find this solution was very generous even though her injury looked pretty bad as well. Nevertheless I recognize the management stepped up to the plate and made good on this situation which was (as so often with accidents) a chain event of unfortunate circumstances.

My Chinese friend is a frequent business traveler for a big industrial company who usually isn’t someone to cry after compensation but this case was too much for her to accept. Fair enough, she managed this one quite well after getting a brief input from our side.