Myanmar Man Attacks American Airlines Flight Attendant, Then Jumps Onto Tarmac Through Galley Door


A passenger from Myanmar has been arrested at Charlotte Douglas Airport after attacking (biting) an American Airlines flight attendant and then fled the scene: Jumping onto the tarmac through the galley door.

His court hearing was postponed because the Thai interpreter could not speak Karin, a language of lower Myanmar and the court date was rescheduled for June 1st.

What could be a scene right of a zombie movie became reality on the American Airlines commuter flight from Charlotte to New Bern, NC where the suspect went berserk attacking the flight crew and then jumping onto the tarmac where he was subdued short after by airline workers.

You can read more about this story on CNN (access here).

An airline passenger was arrested Thursday after he tried to bite a flight attendant, opened the galley door and jumped from the plane to the tarmac at a North Carolina airport, federal air marshals said in a criminal complaint.

Authorities say that because Tun Lon Sein speaks little English, they don’t know why he made such a ruckus. He went into court Friday, but the hearing was postponed because the Thai interpreter could not speak Karin, a language of lower Myanmar, according to docket information.

Sein was seated on American Airlines flight 5242 Thursday when the plane began to taxi away from the terminal at Charlotte Douglas International Airport to prepare for takeoff, the criminal complaint said.

The plane is a Bombardier CRJ-200 regional jet, according to the airport website.

Sein stood up from his seat, went to the main aircraft door and tried to open it, but was stopped by a flight attendant, the complaint said. Two passengers left their seats to help.

“Sein then tried to bite the flight attendant, moved towards the galley service door, managed to open it and jumped to the tarmac,” the complaint said.

He was stopped from running onto the active taxiway by airport workers, then taken to a local hospital for treatment. Sein was charged with interference with flight crew members and attendants on a commercial aircraft, according to a criminal complaint.

This wasn’t his first flight in the U.S. as he entered the country at Newark Airport (likely arriving on United) and had to somehow get to Charlotte as well. Nobody knows what triggered this insane behavior.


Not sure why the court initially had a Thai interpreter if the defendant speaks a Myanmar dialect. It’s not mentioned what nationality he actually has, the name is definitely typical for Myanmar but he might as well hold a Thai passport which might have been the reason why they called for a Thai translator.

Let’s hope they put this guys name on a no fly list so passengers and crew will be safe in the future from similar zombie attacks.