Fabulous Fridays: Empty Flights!


This week’s Fabulous Fridays is about something we rarely see in the airline industry these days, practically empty flights!


I flew last night from Providence to Orlando on a Southwest Airlines 737-800 with 175 seats, but there were only 48 total passengers on board, leaving over 120 seats empty.

I knew the flight was going to be fairly empty when I checked in only a few hours before and still received an “A-group” boarding pass. (Southwest doesn’t assign seats, but boarding order is assigned based on time of check-in starting 24 hours before, unless you are flying on a “business select” fare or pay extra to be pre-assigned one of the lower numbers in the “A” group).


Usually boarding a Southwest flight involves a lot of confusion… jockeying with other passengers for the small amount of space sectioned off for each group of 5 numbers within each boarding group (i.e. A 1-5, 6-10, etc.), dealing with people that “accidentally” land themselves in the wrong spot, tons of screaming kids running around and bumping into people, etc.  This flight boarded very calmly and all passengers were boarded in probably about 5 minutes or so.  [The title picture was taken just after landing from row 10 showing how empty the 20 other rows behind me were.]

Once on board, the crew of 3 flight attendants was very friendly and attentive! I had a drink coupon that I used for a margarita (cocktails have to be paid for with either credit cards or drink coupons) and ended up getting two more free of charge! Normally on a full 2.5 hour flight, there would barely be enough time for a 2nd beverage service.



In the usual hustle and bustle of travel these days and stories we hear about overbooking and passengers getting bumped and getting into fights with crew and other passengers and everything, we almost come to expect negativity and frustration when we travel.  But it’s nice to be able to relax and stretch out and have some peace and quiet every once in a while