Lounge Review: British Airways Boston Lounge


I had a chance to check out British Airways’ new(ish) Boston lounge before my flight to London last week and was very impressed.


BA moved its Boston lounge from the basement level (2nd floor) of Terminal E to the newly renovated top floor back in March, but this was my first visit since it opened.

I had forgotten about the renovations in Terminal E until I arrived for my flight, but was quickly reminded by the sign showing where the lounges were located:


When I arrived on the 4th floor, in addition to the new BA lounge, I saw the relocated Lufthansa lounge (was on the 2nd floor as well) and the newly opened Emirates lounge (Emirates had previously departed from Terminal C where they used a shared lounge).


After being rather unimpressed the last time I visited a BA lounge outside of London Heathrow (the BA First lounge at JFK, see my review here), I have to say this lounge is VERY nice for a business class lounge, and rivals even some of BA’s best first class lounges at other airports.  According to the attendants, the lounge has been open approximately 2 months, and the design, service, and food and drink offerings were all well above average.


There are many different types of seating in the lounge.  The main dining room has long “communal style” dining tables.  The back of the main dining room is sectioned off for first class customers and there is restaurant-style dining with more intimate table service here.  In the other sections of the lounge, there is a good mix of table seating, workstations, regular chairs, and more lounge style chairs.






There is an attended bar in the back of the lounge, and the bartender that was on duty that night was very knowledgeable and friendly and was able to make exactly what I wanted, including a delicious espresso martini complete with a chocolate syrup drizzle.




The main dining room consists of two self-service areas on either side of the long dining tables.  There is a hot buffet on one side as well as cold options (sandwiches and snacks) and drinks on the other side.  There were numerous options available in the buffet including an Indian style chicken dish, grilled tofu, and other fish and vegetarian options.  There was also an option for made to order tacos.




The US historically hasn’t been known for their spectacular airline lounges compared to the rest of the world, but I think we’ve come a long way in the last few years.  The newer LAX lounges in the international terminal (Star Alliance, oneworld business/first, etc), the AMEX Centurion lounges that have sprouted up at various airports, the United Polaris lounge in Chicago and others are examples of this. The improvements to the lounges at my “home” airport of BOS including this one are welcome changes to an industry where we’ve seen more cost cutting than service improvements in recent times.

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