British Airways Potential Mixed Fleet Strike June 16 – 19, 2017


British Airways trade union representing Mixed Fleet flight attendants have given the airline two weeks notice that they intend to strike for four days starting on June 16, 2017.

BA Strikes

Mixed Fleet consists of around 2,900 flight attendants that work both on short and long-haul routes. Union and the airline have reached an agreement about the pay but not the benefits the airline has decided to withdraw from the flight attendants that participated to previous strikes.


Not sure why British Airways is unwilling to reinstate the travel benefits and rather continues to drag this dispute (and why they really need to have four/five different flight attendant unions)?

The airline was able to operate most of the schedule during the previous strikes but getting other airlines to operate flights could be trickier during the busy summer season.

Those that are scheduled to fly on British Airways over these four days should follow what will happen with this strike.