Reader Question: Ritz-Carlton Dubai Booking Condition & Rate Change (Now Much Cheaper) On NYE Reservation

A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me an email about reservation made for a stay at the Ritz-Carlton Dubai over the New Year that has had a rate and conditions change among other things.

RC Dubai

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Here’s the email from the reader:

I made a reservation at the Ritz Carlton in Dubai Marina this March for the Christmas and New Year 2017 period. I’m a Platinum member and we booked 3 nights (paid) and then 10 nights paid with points.

When we did  the booking, there were only rates available which were non cancelable (if cancelled one day after booking). So I cant modify or cancel my reservation without paying the full amount of loosing all my points.

When booking I was made aware there are some constructions going on there; based on that I called and they did say they will confirm a room in a quite area. Today I checked again on the hotel to see customer feedbacks because of the construction going on.

When going on the Ritz Carlton booking page, I can see:

1.) All available rates are cancelable
2.) Room rates at least ± 30% lower than mine
3.) There are a number of complaints on different platforms about the construction (noise and activities often 24h per day).

Question: We don’t want to cancel our trip, but we feel we are clearly overpaying the stay at this location. How would you proceed and how flexible do you think they will be in upgrading the stay or adjusting the price? Any other recommendations?

Thank you for having your site up and helping people allover the world!!!

Those days are long gone when booking long in advance is the surest way to lock the in the lowest rate. The rates fluctuate to drive maximum yield combined with high occupancy.

Here’s what the reader can do:

1. The number of points required is same regardless of the paid rate. They may sometimes offer point savers, however.

2. They should ask the hotel to offer F&B credit or advance room upgrade to offset the lower price available right now.

3. It is still seven months to the NYE and nobody knows what the construction situation will be at the time. If there is much noise at the time, I would raise the issue then and perhaps ask points as a compensation.


I would say that Ritz-Carlton overall is not what they used to be. Sometimes you can hardly tell a difference between good Marriott and not so well run Ritz-Carlton.

Let’s hope that the construction around this Ritz-Carlton Dubai has been finished by the NYE and that the reader is able to get their late lowered to match the current one.

Hotels are often willing to work with their guests by matching them by offering upgrades and/or F&B credits.