Uber In App Messaging (Coming To All Markets?)


One of the pet peeves of mine of using Uber has been the inability to send and receive messages within the Uber app itself. Why would I need to use text messages or call the driver (or the diver call me)?

Uber App Messaging

The addresses that the app uses are not always clear. If you order the car to the hotel, it may only use the address and not the name of the hotel at all. It is good to let the driver now that you are waiting at the entrance.

When I was in Brazil last week, the Uber app had, for the first time, the in app messaging enabled. You could send and receive messages from the driver using the app. This same functionality was enabled in Argentina as well. I have not previously come across this functionality in any other markets.

Uber App Messaging Message


This is welcomed addition to the Uber app. It is easy to give instructions to the driver and let them know the exact pick up address and it worked perfectly in both Brazil and in Buenos Aires.

Let’s hope that they roll out this functionality to all markets.

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