Marriott Rewards: Get 150 Free Points By Connecting Your Facebook, Twitter & Instagram Accounts


Marriott Rewards has been sending out email reminders this week about their #MRpoints initiative where members can link their accounts with Marriott and earn points in the process.

Marriott Rewards MRPoints Facebook Twitter Instagram

When the program was originally launched, the bonus was 1,500 points for linking three social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram), but members can still earn 150 (see they just dropped a ZERO) points for doing so.

You can access Marriott Rewards page for #MRpoints here.

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Note that members can earn points throughout the year by linking and tagging their posts through these social media platform (they seems to be doing this especially on Twitter).

Marriott Rewards MRPoints Facebook Twitter Instagram AccountsConclusion

Could be easy way for some members to keep they family member Marriott Reward accounts from expiring or topping up their accounts that they haven’t been using for a while.

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