Flight Review: Turkish Airlines TK 21 PEK-IST Business Class


Turkish Airlines gets consistent good reviews of its in-flight products, both for Economy and Business class, not only by the travel bloggers but also in traveler forums such as Skytrax or TripAdvisor.

I recently flew one of Turkish Airlines B777-300ER from Beijing to Istanbul, and here is a review of my overall experience.

The Seat and the Cabin

Turkish Airlines Business Class cabin in the B777-300ER consists of 49 flatbed seats distributed in seven rows in a 2-3-2 layout. For me this is the main drawback of their Business Class product. Nowadays almost all the big players are offering all-aisle-access seats on their business class products.

The seats are full flatbed, with 177 degrees recline, 78”/198 cm pitch and 22”/56 cm width. At boarding, there was a lumbar pillow and a pillow/blanket pack on each seat.

Seat adjustment panel

Reading light

In front of each seat, a storage trunk also made for footrest when the seat was in its flat position. This makes for some generous storage space offering

The Amenities

Turkish Airlines usually has different models of amenity kits throughout their fleet. This time we got a Bentley amenity kit (first time!). I liked the lip balm and the moisturizer. A pair of slippers were also available in the storage trunk.

Before departure we were also handed a noise-cancelling headphone set. This was one of the improvements I noticed on this flight. The last time I flew their Business Class product at the end of 2016 the headphone set was not noise cancelling.

In-flight Entertainment included a large selection of movies and TV shows, both Turkish and international productions. One of the things I like the most about Turkish Business product is the large TV screen you get.

On-board catering

Turkish Airlines offers a non-alcoholic drink selection for pre-departure beverages: I love their mint lemonade, always very refreshing.

After take off we were offered warm nuts and a our choice of adult drink.

One of the strongest points of Turkish Airlines Business Class product is the food on board. Do&Co does an excellent job with the food offerings. The beverage selection is on pair with the food offerings.

Breakfast is pre-ordered: You get to choose from a selection of items before dinner service, and the customized breakfast ordered is served before arrival at a time of your convenience.

And here are my choices for dinner. The soup was particuarly delicious.

Desserts were served from a cart. They all looked lovely!

The Lavatories

The interior design of the lavatories has been improved. I like the dark colors and the green touch of the (real!) plants next to the mirror. They have now Molton Brown toiletries (also big improvement since my last flight!)

The Sleeping

After dinner service the Flight Attendant offered to set up the bedding, consisting of a duvet, a blanket and a bigger pillow. After the bed was set I fell asleep and woke up 30 minutes before landing, so I slept well but totally missed breakfast.


Turkish Airlines in-flight service and offerings do not disappoint. Their food offering is solid and consistent, and the seat is comfortable enough for me to sleep throughout the flight. I know they are not everybody’s favorite airline, but I’ve always had good travel experiences with them, especially in Business Class.