The Daily Mail: Worse Than Aeroflot – British Airways To Lose 4-Star Skytrax Rating!


According to a news article in the British Daily Mail citing the CEO of Marketing Research firm Skytrax, British Airways is about to lose their 4 Star rating and now even compares unfavorably to airlines like Aeroflot.

Aeroflot, once synonym for horrible service and half day delays is now apparently the benchmark for the national carrier of the UK that is lead by former Vueling low cost CEO Alex Cruz.

The Daily Mail calls it yet another humiliation even though I wouldn’t go that far considering that Skytrax is a commercial entity and consulting firm, not just a plain rating agency.

You can access the newspaper article here.

British Airways is expected to be stripped of its coveted four-star quality rating after being accused of providing a worse service than Aeroflot.

In a new humiliation, the boss of research firm Skytrax said Britain’s flagship carrier now compares unfavourably with the state-backed Russian airline, once known for having an appalling safety record, inedible food and rude staff.

Skytrax said it is likely to cut BA’s rating to three stars out of five, bringing it in line with budget airline Ryanair, Uzbekistan Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, and Myanmar Airways.

The move comes hard on the heels of last week’s IT shutdown which grounded flights and resulted in passengers being stranded across the world.

He said Aeroflot – which is 51 per cent owned by the Russian government – has better in-flight catering and better service. He described Aeroflot as a ‘shining example of an airline that’s transformed themselves’ – compared with BA, which ‘has not invested in the same way’.

BA, which once used the slogan ‘the world’s favourite airline’, has had four stars since the ratings began 18 years ago. …

Keep in mind that the Four Star rating isn’t even the top of the food chain. Airlines such as Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines are holding a Five Star rating, creating an even larger distance to BA.


Skytrax doesn’t just rate airlines in an independent manner but it’s also a consulting firm in the aviation sector and also does consulting work for (you guessed it): Airlines! I somehow doubt that the final findings are all that independent if the company you are rating is a good paying customer at the same time.

In any case it can’t be denied that BA has suffered under the helm of Mr. Cruz who has cut corners every left and right to the point of where it indeed feels like you’re traveling on a budget airline and not Britains proud national carrier.