China Eastern: 26 People Injured During Heavy Turbulence on Paris – Kunming Flight

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A China Eastern flight from Paris to Kunming hit heavy turbulence and as a result 26 Passengers (mostly those without seat belts on) were injured including broken bones.

Those roaming throughout the cabin at the time of the incident or sitting in their seats without seat belts on were catapulted throughout the cabin and thrown against the ceiling resulting in injuries.

Why don’t people learn? Injuries of passengers resulting from turbulence are often the result of not using the seat belt as required when the pilots switch on the fasten seat belt sign or from items being catapulted through the cabin.

BBC reported about the incident yesterday (see here).

At least 26 people were injured, four seriously, when turbulence hit a China Eastern Airlines flight from Paris on Sunday, state media reports.

The turbulence struck as flight MU774 was on its way to Kunming, in the southern Yunnan province.

Passengers suffered broken bones, cuts to the scalp and soft tissue injuries, the Xinhua state news agency reported.

China Eastern Airlines later said it was crucial passengers wear seatbelts as flights descend.

“I was on the flight, and I felt like I would not survive,” the Hong Kong- based South China Morning Post quoted one passenger as saying on the Weibo microblogging site.

“Many people were injured, and among them, many had not buckled up.”

Xinhua said that two violent bumps and many small bumps occurred over about 10 minutes.

It said that during the turbulence, several passengers’ heads and shoulders collided with the luggage racks, some luggage racks broke from the impact, and some luggage fell off the racks and hit customers.

If such a situation occurs suddenly without any chance for prior warning it emphasizes even more that the seat belt should be worn at all times, even without specific announcement.

The same goes for any unsecured items inside the cabin which reminds me on my Japan Airlines flight from earlier this week where a lady brought tons of items for her infant and young daughter on the flight. So much that she couldn’t even carry it herself and it was standing around in the cabin unsecured during the entire flight:

Turbulence like the ones experienced by the China Eastern flight and the entire garbage will fly through the cabin and cause injuries to passengers.


Whatever happened on this flight it was serious and passengers should really follow the advise of the airline to wear the seat belt at all time while in flight, even if the captain did not switch on the seat belt sign. Chances are many injuries could have been prevented if passengers were properly strapped down. At least for those not frequenting the washroom at the time.

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