Instead Of The Hotel Elevator, Why Not Take The Artfully Designed ‘Nature Hike’ Emergency Stairs?


The Hyatt Regency Vancouver where I stayed the past couple nights has come up with something unique: Guests who want to keep fit can get up to their floor by using the Nature Hike Challenge.

The Nature Hike is basically the emergency stairwell which has been decorated by artists with locally themed nature motives and yes – you can go all the way up to the 32nd floor.

For the fun of it (or so it seemed at first) I’ve taken the stairs up all the way to the 29th floor which was a pretty exhausting exercise and I only did it once.

I made it to the 29th floor where the Club Lounge is located as well where I was able to refresh.

Certainly an interesting and innovative way to entice guests to do something unique while keeping fit. Depends how well climbing these stairs really works out for you, if you have trouble with your knees etc you might want to reconsider.


The Emergency Exit stairwells are constantly being used this way and there were no obstructions laying around so this idea doesn’t influence the fire regulations in any way. Everything is orderly and the hallway and stairwell is clear just in case.

If you’re staying at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver anytime soon go ahead and try it out!

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