Reader Question: How To Claim Marriott Rewards Platinum Arrival Gift Guarantee ($100)?


A LoyaltyLobby reader left me a question yesterday about how to properly claim the compensation for Marriott property failing to offer arrival gift for a Platinum member ($100).

Marriott Rewards Elite Guarantees

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You can access the Marriott Rewards page for Elite Benefits Guarantee here.

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Here’s the message from the reader:

I checked in to a Marriott in the US yesterday, I am a platinum member however they did not offer me the arrival gift. What is the best way to claim the $100 compensation?

Marriott Rewards is pretty much the only hotel chain that backs up their elite guarantees with $$$ or points compensation guarantees. I wrote a piece about these earlier this year (access here).

You must inform Manager on Duty before you check out that you were not offered Platinum Arrival gift choice at the time of checking in and that you would like to exercise the guarantee.

The manager may say at that point that the system shows that you have chosen the 500 points. If you were not offered the CHOICE at the time of checking in, it doesn’t matter what the agent recorded later.

Marriott properties pay $60 for every 10,000 rewards points issued as a compensation. If you would prefer points as a compensation instead of $$$, you could say that 20,000 points would be adequate compensation. You can, however, demand the cash.

If the property is not willing to play by the rules set by the Marriott Rewards, I would contact the customer service and open a case. I have never needed to do this, however.


I usually manage to claim this guarantee once or twice a year (only once property was so disorganized that I was able to claim the bed type guarantee too on the same stay in addition to the arrival gift – read more here).

Usually properties are more willing to give points and I don’t mind this at all. I always use them to issue Travel Packages down the road. Probably easier for them accounting wise than giving out cash.

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