Reader Question: Qatar Airways Non-working In-flight Entertainment In First Class?


A LoyaltyLobby reader left a message how to get appropriate compensation out of Qatar Airways for non-working in-flight entertainment on Doha – Sydney segment in first class.

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Here’s the email from the reader:

I have a question re expected compensation while traveling in First Class on Qatar Airways DOH SYD. as background, this was part of a US-SYD return ticket purchased in a flexible J fare, in excess of $9,200.

In the DOH-SYD leg I was upgraded to F as J was oversold (presumably because I am top tier oneworld and my ticket was on the expensive side) . As I took my seat I immediately noticed the the IFE did not work and notified the crew. this was almost an hour before departure (there was a 10-15 minute delay). The crew couldn’t fix it and informed me that a technician would come to the plane and solve it shortly. I informed the crew that if I didn’t have IFE I preferred to have my J class seat back, which was ignored. Some 30-40 minutes later the doors were closed and the issue not resolved.

Despite numerous reboot attempts, I got no IFE during the 14-15 hour flight. Mind this is in First class. Once we departed and after realizing that I would not have IFE, and could not have my original seat back, I decided to ask the crew if they could give me a coach seat to watch movies
(and use my First Class seat to loung e and rest). The crew showed me there were available seats on his tablet but never got back to me on this, presumably because they didn’t want to inconvenience someone using the extra coach space?

Despite the crew assuring me that they would inform the customer service center, I got no communication for over 10 days from QR. I decided to write to them and after several days/ weeks, the offer I got was $500 in QR vouchers, to be used within one year (and difficult for me to use as I am a corporate traveler), and 15,000 Qmiles (again of little/no value). I declined but said that I would accept $500 in cash/ check, but QR declined to accommodate this.

Since QR could have solved the issue by actually bringing the technician (they had an hour), or providing a tablet, I feel that QR is being extremely meager in the way they are approaching their response, especially considering that I did pay in excess of $9,200 for my business class ticket,
and presumably they sold my business class seat and made revenue on it while I got a significant service shortcoming (by the way I didn’t travel with my tablet due to the recent restrictions so literally had no audiovisual entertainment at my disposal).

Appreciate your views as to whether QR are being reasonable as I think my cash offer is rather on the low side actually. Thank you,

I have said that numerous times here on LoyaltyLobby in the past and will probably keep repeating but there just isn’t customer service at any of the ME3 (Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways).

The reader had purchased the ticket originating from the United States. The best course of action to get monetary compensation out from Qatar Airways is to basically sue them in the small claims in the US. The reader could start with a DOT complaint (can file one here).

I doubt that Qatar Airways, however, is willing to pay out compensation in cash unless the reader gets court involved.


It is a long flight without any in-flight entertainment even when on Qatar’s first class. The airline drop the ball over here because they didn’t fix the entertainment before taking off to Sydney from Doha.

I have lost my faith when it comes to customer service from any of the ME3 airlines. To get any meaningful resolution, you must get regulator or courts involved. Very unfortunate.

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