Tipping Soon Available On Uber’s App (At Least In The US)


Uber has gone through some rough patches as of late when it comes to its management and the CEO is currently on a voluntarily leave.


The company made an announcement today that it is finally adding an option to leave a tip using its app (initially just three cities in the US but will roll it out nationwide) plus some other changes.

Here’s an excerpt from LA Times about the changes announced (access the piece here):

Besides the built-in tipping option announced Tuesday, Uber is giving drivers an opportunity to make more money in other ways.

Riders will be charged by the minute if they keep an Uber driver waiting for more than two minutes. Uber also is reducing the time that riders have to cancel a ride to avoid being slapped with a $5 fee from five minutes to two minutes after summoning a driver.

Uber won’t take any part of the tips given drivers. The San Francisco company will continue to collect a portion of ride-cancellation fees, as well as the new waiting-time charges.

Here’s how the tipping will work from the Verge (access the piece here):

Drivers who want to receive tips need only download the latest version of the drivers app, and then tap “receive tips” when prompted. Riders will be asked whether they would like to leave a tip when rating their driver at the end of a trip. They can either choose the pre-determined amounts of $1, $3, or $5, or select a custom amount. And if the desire to tip only comes much later after the trip has ended, fear not: Uber is allowing riders the option to tip up to 30 days later.


Why not have a fair price so that there wouldn’t be a need for tipping on Uber’s platform?

I absolutely hate tipping because it allows basically US employers to pay minimal salary to employees on the premise that tips will make it up. Some believe that they receive better service because of tipping but don’t believe this to be the case.

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