RANT: Misbranded Hotels Case “Hilton” Copacabana (Brazil)


There is a “new” Hilton in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) (grossly misbranded) that is the old Le Meridien hotel that was known most recently under the local Windsor brand for a long time.

Hilton Copacabana

I stayed at this hotel (as a matter of fact I left – such a crappy one) for a night during my recent trip to Brazil and couldn’t believe how Hilton would allow this piece of $%^$ to carry their flag. Are they so desperate to sign up hotels that they throw out the brand standards?

You can access Hilton Copacabana’s website here.

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Here’s video of the Junior Suite I had:

Here are some photos that I took:

Hilton Copacabana Bed

Hilton Copacabana Work Desk & TC

Hilton Copacabana Sofa

Hilton Copacabana Window

Hilton Copacabana Bathroom

Hilton Copacabana Hair Dryer

Hilton Copacabana Toilet & Bidet

Hilton Copacabana Shower


I just hate when hotel chains don’t adhere to the brand standards that they set and allow these crappy ones to sign up (I guess that they are so desperate to get the franchise fees).

This “Hilton” Copacabana is Hampton Inn at its best. Cannot wait for the Sofitel to reopen as Fairmont…..

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