Delta Continues ME3 Nonsense


Delta Air Lines seems to be the most prolific of the US airlines that is continuing to blame the ME3 carriers for their own service issues and not being able to compete on certain routes where foreign airlines also fly.

Delta Nonsense

Delta has the above advertisement on their inflight magazine claiming that 1,500 American jobs would be lost for every route that US airlines lose due to unfair competition from the gulf carriers.

You can access the Delta’s website for the “unfair” competition here (meant for employees but why it is advertised on their magazine?).


How many times has Delta and its predecessor airlines gone through the bankruptcy protection leaving unpaid debt and employee obligations behind? We are talking about billions after billions here.

The US airlines are mostly safe from the competition anyway because domestic routes can be only flown by US airlines. This is bulk of their business. The industry consolidation has lead to fewer US airlines that now behave like oligopolies. They still have to compete (but wouldn’t like to) on the international traffic. How sad!

And then there is the service or lack thereof both hard and soft with the US airlines in contrast to Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways and all Asian airlines (perhaps excluding a few Chinese ones or LCCs).

Of course the ME3 are not perfect. I have especially criticized the quite harsh conditions of the Qatar Airways flight attendants. It could be one reason why they are mainly from the Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia.

I thought that the moaning about the ME3 would have stopped when the Anderson (the previous CEO who just joined Amtrak as their CEO this week) left Delta – but seems that it still continues. Sounds like a broken record to me that needs to STOP!