Lufthansa Miles&More Status Match & Fast Track To Keep It Through 2020


Lufthansa has launched Miles&More status match for residents of Italy and is offering Frequent Traveler (Star Alliance Silver) or Senator (Star Alliance Gold) matches from competing non-Star Alliance programs.

Lufthansa Miles&More Status Match

You also need to have a valid reservation with Lufthansa, Swiss or Austrian to fly on Business or Premium Economy to select long-haul destination or return trip to select destinations in Europe for the status match to be processed.

You can access the status match page here.

Here’s what you need to do.

1. Have your Lufthansa Miles&More account address in Italy

2. Have status with non-Star Alliance airline that is similar to Lufthansa Frequent Traveler or Senator

3. Buy long-haul business class or premium economy ticket to Boston, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Miami, New York, Rio de Janeiro, Toronto, Sao Paulo, Delhi, Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul , Tehran, or Tel Aviv (only the long-haul segment needs to be in the premium cabin)


But round trip ticket to any of the following European destinations from Italy in business class: Frankfurt, Munich, Vienna and Zurich.

The eligible fare classes are: F, A, J, C, D, Z, P, G, N

4. You need to email your Miles&More account number, copy of the competing program cards and the PNR/eticket number of the itinerary to

The matched status is valid through February 2018. If the matched member collects 50,000 status miles by the end of 2017, the matched Senator status is then valid through February 2020. Those that were matched Frequent Traveler need to collect 18,000 status miles.

Lufthansa Miles&More Status Match Frequent TravelerLufthansa Miles&More Status Match Senator


Considering the uncertainty surrounding Alitalia at the moment, I would assume that other airlines would come and make similar offers for the Italian market.

You normally need 100,000 status miles for the Senator status. Considering that we are already half through the 2017, Lufthansa merely takes that into account here and only requires 50,000.

The long-haul business or premium economy or the short-haul return ticket could be refundable (just purchased for the status match purposes). I would try to fly the 50,000 status miles to extend the Senator status through 2020 though. 

Here are the terms and conditions of this offer (Google translate from Italian):

They can also participate in promoting the Miles & More members in possession of a card Base Silver or Gold to another program and members frequent traveler in possession of the Gold card.

In order to process your request please make sure that in your Miles & More profile is present a valid e-mail address is selected permission to e-mail communication from the Miles & More program and the airline.

Please submit your application no later than July 31, 2017 in with the following information:

  • Miles & More card number
  • a jpg of its current membership card of a Gold or Silver loyalty program not Star Alliance *
  • the reservation of his next flight operated by Lufthansa / Austrian / SWISS within December 31, 2017 in First classes, Business and Premium Economy and specifically in the following booking classes F, A, J, C, D, Z, P, G, And, N
  • Reservations must be for at least one flight segment of an intercontinental route to one of the following destinations: Boston, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Delhi Miami, New York, Beijing, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Tehran, Tel Aviv, Toronto, Tokyo, or alternatively for a round-trip flight in business class from Italy to one of our hub in Frankfurt, Monaco, Vienna, Zurich

If the request will fail will receive a Miles & More Frequent Traveler or Senator valid until the end of February 2018. To extend the validity of the status until February 2020 must earn:

  • 18,000 miles and status by 31 December 2017 for the status of Miles & More Frequent Traveler
  • 50,000 miles status by 31 December 2017 for the status of Miles & More Senator.

The equalization of status is possible for Silver and Gold status and can be obtained only once for the same status.

This promotion is valid only for residents in Italy and for programs that do not fit in Star Alliance * *.

If, during the promotion, will be changed to the Miles & More profile address to a residence outside of Italy you can not be guaranteed status.

The announcement regarding the new status will be published in the Miles & More app (digital card), as well as in the profile Lufthansa and Miles & More.

The offer may be changed or withdrawn without notice from Miles & More if you suspect a fraud attempt.

For participation in Miles & More, the general conditions of the program.

* The status Freccia Alata Plus will be equated to the Lufthansa Senator status. The Ulysses and Freccia Alata status will be assimilated to the status Lufthansa Frequent Traveler

* * The airlines belonging to Star Alliance are Adria Airways, Aegean Airlines, Air Canada, Air China, Air New Zealand, ANA, Asiana Airlines, Austrian, Blue 1, Avianca, Brussels Airlines, Croatia Airlines, Copa Airlines, EGYPTAIR, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, Scandinavian Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Singapore Airlines, South African Airways ,, SWISS, TAP Portugal, Thai, Turkish Airlines, United