Fairmont President’s Club ‘Canada 150’ Surprise Gift: Third Night Free Cert!


Fairmont President’s Club has celebrated Canada’s 150th Birthday (I guess that we don’t count natives living there thousands of years before) by a surprise gift!

Fairmont Canada 150

At least some President’s Club members have received a third night free certificate deposited to their accounts today (July 1) that has a November 30, 2017 expiry.

You can check your Fairmont President’s Club certs here.

Here’s what my account shows:

Fairmont Canada 150 CertThe T&Cs of this certificate are unclear at this time. It has this * but nothing else.


I haven’t used any of the Platinum certificates this year yet. There just usually aren’t Fairmont hotels at places where I tend to go. Need to make sure that the free night and the $$$ vouchers won’t expire this year.

This is a nice gift from Fairmont President’s Club, although it does require member to use cash to benefit from it as well.