UPDATE: Fairmont President’s Club ‘Canada 150’ Surprise Gift – Third Night Free Cert!

Fairmont Presiden’s Club deposited to some member accounts third night free certificate on July 1st (to celebrate Canada turning 150) and I wrote about it at the time.

Fairmont Canada 150

It was unclear could this certificate used for a stay worldwide or is it valid for in Canada only. There was nothing and still isn’t on the T&Cs about this Canada offer. 

You can check your Fairmont President’s Club certs here.

Here’s what my account shows:

Fairmont Canada 150 Cert

President’s Club, however, sent the following email that made the purpose and limitation of this certificate clearer:

Fairmont Canada 150 Update


It does make sense that is is valid for a stay in Canada only as it was sent to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday.

I just wish that it had been valid until the end of the year. I then may have been able to use it. Not going to be in North America before late October at the earliest.