Alitalia MilleMiglia 5,000, 8,000 Or 15,000 Bonus Miles For October 1 – December 31, 2017 (Book July 6 – 10) DON’T!


Alitalia, Italian airlines that is currently under administration, is offering 5,000, 8,000, or 15,000 bonus MilleMiglia miles.

Alitalia MilleMiglia Bonus Miles

These bonus miles are valid for travel between October 1 -December 31, 2017, but only if booked July 6 – 10.

You can access this offer on Alitalia’s website here.

Here’s the bonus miles table:

Alitalia MilleMiglia Bonus Miles Table

This basically means that all European flights (even economy one-ways would earn 8,000 bonus miles).


There is currently non-binding bidding process going on and interesting parties need to file them by July 21, 2017. It well could be that there is no Alitalia come this fall when these flights would take place where these promotional miles would apply.

You have to bear in mind that the MilleMiglia loyalty program is majority owned by Etihad and will likely survive in some form potential Alitalia crash.

Here are the terms and conditions of this offer:

1. The initiative is reserved to all MilleMiglia Members.

2. Members in target must purchase at least one flight (leg) between the 6th of July and the 10th of July 2017 and fly between the 1st of October and the 31st of December 2017 on Alitalia operated flights, to obtain the bonus miles as follow:

  • 5,000 bonus miles to buy and fly on domestic flights 
  • 8,000 bonus miles to buy and fly on international medium haul flights
  • 15,000 bonus miles to buy and fly on international long haul flights

3. Flights with Alitalia code between AZ7000 and AZ7999, between AZ5000 and AZ5999, between AZ2400 and AZ3999, between AZ4101 and AZ4999 are not eligible for the promotion.

4. The bonus miles foreseen by the initiative are not applied to flights of children registered in MilleMiglia Kids Program.

5. Bonus miles are earned with flights within 31st of December 2017 and registered in the Alitalia systems by 15th of January 2018. Participating members are responsible for checking that miles have been credited to their account and may claim any missing miles using the Request Your Miles service in the “Missing Miles” section of the website

6. Bonus miles are credited to the Members account at the end of the promotion or by 31st of January 2018.

7. The bonus miles earned with this promotion are not valid to join or renew the membership to MilleMiglia Exclusive Clubs.

8. Members can participate in the promotion only once and will receive the major bonus they are entitled for.

9. This initiative cannot be combined with other promotions in miles regarding the same period and the same ticket. If it happens, the highest bonus provided by the several promotions will be accrued.