Extortion: Emirates Transit Passengers Being Forced To Leave Carry On Items Behind Or Pay An Overweight Fee


There are extensive reports coming from Emirates passengers who were forced to pay a high fee or leave baggage/duty items behind after the airline now weighs carry on baggage in transit.

Emirates allows a 10KG carry on baggage but also counts duty free purchases into this allowance which leads in many cases to the limit being easily exceeded.

It’s a problem in my eyes when Emirates allows passengers to board at an outstation with a piece of carry on baggage and then at DXB they start to weigh baggage and extort people for money.

Linked on Facebook I recently came across an article on UAE Viral (see here) where pictures and videos show plenty of articles left behind in the transit area.

Travelers would usually get away with extra weight in their hand carry luggage, carrying more than the 10kg limit, until recently Emirates Airline started weighing and forcing travelers to either pay or leave items behind. This is including Duty Free purchases.

The hand carry weighing checkpoints are happening just before the travelers board the plane. Problem is, even the Duty Free purchases are being counted. This means they can no longer go back and put items in their main luggage. The staff would then ask travelers to pay expensive fees or leave the items behind. Having no other option, extra items are being abandoned on the airport floor. …

Such a modus operandi is completely outrageous and shows that the golden times are over when it comes to travel with Emirates.

You can access the Emirates Carry On Baggage FAQ here and it says nothing about such limitation and neither does it mention a transit check.

According to these guidelines passengers are allowed 7KG per bag plus duty items which are however not limited in weight (at least not on the website).


As I mentioned above this is an unacceptable situation and Emirates should either properly publish the guidelines for carry on baggage or police it properly at the point of origin – including announcements to the passengers about the transit weight checks in DXB.

I can understand when airlines try to regulate carry on baggage but then be strict about it when passengers board their first flight abroad or at the check-in desk. Not in the middle of the journey.