Reminder: No Alcohol Served In Bangkok This Coming Weekend Due To Buddhist Holiday (Including Hotel Facilities)


A reader sent us an email to remind other that this coming weekend there is a high Buddhist holiday in Thailand and by law the distribution of alcohol is prohibited at all outlets including hotel lounges.

Thailand has several Buddhist holiday every year and just like with other important events in the country (and a daily time restriction) and during these days no alcohol can be sold by any vendors.

Now this coming weekend it’s Asahna Bucha Day which is essentially a two day holiday and the same restrictions will apply.

Previously or at least in some instances hotels have been able to circumvent this law by serving alcohol only in club lounges and of course through the in room mini bar.

I have contacted hotel staff at the Park Hyatt Bangkok, Grand Hyatt Bangkok and Intercontinental Bangkok and unfortunately this year they mentioned that the regulation has to be strictly adhered to.

No outlets of any hotel will therefore serve alcohol and while I don’t doubt there will be some more or less legitimate watering holes in Bangkok and of course the entertainment capitals in Pattaya and Phuket that still serve it under the table / in a coffee cup the official line is clear.

I found this affects me in another way as I was planning to visit one of my favorite Sunday Brunches in the city hosted by the Grand Hyatt and was informed that due to the champagne being not available they decided to cancel the brunch altogether expecting a very low demand.


Thailand is a popular destination for business travelers and tourists alike. These restrictions are certainly annoying by let’s face it other countries (especially Islamic ones) impose similar rules and on a more frequent/permanent basis.

It might be a letdown for those on holiday who have access to a lounge such as the Intercontinental Bangkok that is known for serving nice and generous cocktails in the evening. Our reader (IHG Royal Ambassador) had a reservation for the coming weekend there and learned about this from the media, the hotel did not send an email in advance.