Fabulous Fridays: Madrid Barajas Airport Takes “Airport Showers” To A Whole New Level!


Taking a shower either in the lounge or at an airport for-pay outlet feels great right after a long-haul flight, or before boarding a red-eye mid/long-haul flight when you go to the airport straight from a long work day.

Today, Madrid Barajas Airport decided to offer free showers to all passengers on gates H, no fees, free for all!

I was earlier today at Madrid Barajas Airport (IATA: MAD, OACI: LEMD) waiting for my delayed flight to be boarded. The airport operation was chaotic due to severe weather conditions all day long, there were delays and even detours at some point.

Now the fabulous part: the airport experienced intense rain both outside and inside of the (fairly recent) Terminal 4! The passengers waiting for Vueling flight 1012 to Barcelona (me among them) on gate H22, were treated to a rather unique airport experience: a massive roof leak!


The more you travel, the more you see! I love airport showers, and it’s good to know you can take a free one in Madrid on rainy days!

Have you ever experienced something this bizarre on an airport?