Marriott Rewards Experiences Marketplace Renamed As “Moments”

Marriott Rewards launched Experiences Marketplace back in 2016 (read more here) that allowed members to bid on various events/experiences using their loyalty points.

Marriott Rewards Moments

Marriott Rewards has now apparently decided to rebrand this as Moments (borrowed this branding from their SPG subsidiary that has had SPG Moments for years).

You can access Marriott Rewards Moments here.

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Here are some featured “Moments”:

Marriott Rewards Moments Featured 1Marriott Rewards Moments Featured 2


There are some unique experiences that can be good value using points and some can be outright purchased (no bidding required). Starwood lunched this years ago and it was later copied by Hilton, IHG and Marriott.

Some road warriors earn way more points than they can burn for free nights or flights. These experiences or merchandise rewards are good option for them to get some value out of their points and miles.