Air Asia Passenger Loses Wallet On Plane, Security Officers Steal His Credit Card And Go On US$5000.00 Shopping Spree


An Air Asia passenger who had left his wallet on the aircraft after arriving at Bali Airport was in for a shock when he later found out that one of his credit cards was missing and racked up roughly US$5000.00 equivalent in charges.

The incident was then traced back to two Air Asia Aviation Security officers employed at Ngurah Rai Airport in Bali who turned in the wallet to Lost and Found but helped themselves to the credit card.

After involving a third criminal the trio then withdrew cash from the card account and went on a joyful shopping spree throughout Bali and purchased electronics, clothing and for good measure filled up their cars with gas before getting rid of the credit card once they hit the limit.

DetikNews Indonesia (access here – In Bahasa Indonesia Language) reported about the incident that happened in late June.

The article says that two employees at Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport have been arrested, after being accused of stealing a traveler’s credit card and putting a total of Rp 68 million worth of charges on it.

It transpired when the traveler got off an AirAsia flight from Jakarta-CGK Airport and went to his hotel in Bali, leaving his wallet in backseat pocket.

Realizing he had forgotten his wallet, the passenger later went back to the airport to collect his wallet but failed to immediately notice that his card from local bank BCA was missing.

“The victim incurred damages of Rp 68,702,080,” says Police Superintendent Nyoman Artana.

The card was taken out of the wallet by two AirAsia Aviation Security officers. The officers did return the man’s wallet to lost and found, but stole the credit card and then involved a friend with whom they placed charges of Rp 15 million, Rp 14.5 million, and Rp 14 million, which actually just went into the accounts of the perpetrators, according to police. [It didn’t say how they took the money out].

The card then used for local shopping transactions. First Rp 500,000 worth of gasoline, then for three televisions, and finally, for some clothing from Levi’s and Nike. After the card limit was exhausted, the criminals threw it away.


Always check your belongings before leaving the aircraft and if possible keep things on you like wallets and cellphones. You never know if you get them back or not if the are left behind on the plane.

So far I’ve only lost sunglasses (multiple ones though) on airplanes throughout the years but once on a flight from Frankfurt to Detroit my wallet disappeared and it turned out my seatmate put it in her backpack ‘by accident’ after I asked if she could check. Bullet dodged right there and I believed it was likely an honest mistake. A friend left his laptop behind in British Airways First Class arriving in Shanghai. The computer was never seen again even though he immediately contacted BA staff at the check-in desk.

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