American Airlines Ends Codeshare Agreements With Qatar Airways & Etihad Effective March 25, 2018


American Airways informed both Qatar Airways, its fellow Oneworld alliance member airline, and Etihad Airways on June 29, 2017, that it would terminate its codeshare agreement with both effective March 25, 2018.

American Airlines Discontinues Qatar Airways & Etihad Codeshares

American Airlines AAdvantage members can continue to earn both elite qualifying and redeemable miles on flights marketed/operated by Qatar Airways flights as it is Oneworld member. AAdvantage members can only earn award miles for Etihad operated and marketed flights (sold without AA code).

You can access AA’s page for Qatar Airways here and Etihad Airways here.

Here’s statement that AA released to CNBC (access the CNBC piece here):

In light of our ongoing dispute over the Open Skies agreements, American Airlines notified Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways on June 29 of our decision to terminate our codeshare relationships. Given the extremely strong public stance that American has taken on the ME3 issue, we have reached the conclusion that the codesharing relationships between American and these carriers no longer make sense for us. This decision has no material financial impact on American and is an extension of our stance against the illegal subsidies that these carriers receive from their governments. We are committed to doing everything we can to continue to support our team members and ensure that there is fair competition between American and the Gulf carriers.


Seems that AAdvantage members may lose the ability to use miles on Etihad Airways flights at some point in 2018. If they take such an approach against the ME3, why would Etihad allow low value redemptions from AA and why would AA want their frequent fliers to use their miles on far super product?

As Qatar Airways is Oneworld member airline and owns 20% of IAG (British Airways, Iberia, Aer Lingis & Bueling) that has join venture with American Airlines for transatlantic travel (+ Finnair), difficult to see how they could take more drastic measure than just ending the codeshare agreement. I guess that they could follow Delta and discontinue earning elite qualifying miles on Qatar Airways marketed flights if they so hate the airline.

Doug should pour himself a strong drink while thinking this over (and make sure to have driver ready – no need for yet another DUI). ME3 are not going away anytime soon and not worth fighting a losing battle.