Emirates Crew Caught Filling Leftover Champagne Back Into Bottle For Future Consumption


Emirates Airlines passenger who are Champagne connoisseurs should close their eyes right now and better not read any further because the airlines just caught red handed re-using leftover champagne.

A passenger caught a flight attendant on video filling champagne from a glass back into the bottle and uploaded it on social media.

You can access Emirates here.

As much as I try to find a reasonable explanation for something like this, I simply can’t come up with one. Why would a flight attendant on her own decide to re-use a leftover champagne unless she was told to do so per corporate policy? It’s not like it’s her own money!?

The post pretty much speak for itself and there is really nothing more one could or should add until Emirates provides a public statement.


If Emirates is to publicly comment on this then no doubt they will spin this and put the blame on the cabin crew member.

I’m convinced the champagne was a leftover, untouched beverage and not one another guest actually drank from before. Nevertheless why would someone do this? A single glass of Moet champagne, is that really where Emirates has to save nowadays? They pour it left and right, at the plane and in their lounges. That just doesn’t make sense!