LifeMiles Hotel Tour: Up To 20,000 Bonus Miles With Kaligo, Rocketmiles & July 13 – September 30, 2017

Avianca LifeMiles has launched more limited Hotel Tour promotion for stays completed between July 13 – September 30, 2017.

Avianca LifeMiles Hotel Tour 20,000 Bonus

LifeMiles members can earn up to 20,000 bonus miles for stays booked with Kaligo, Rocketmiles and (+ consumed during the promo period).

You can access and register for this offer on LifeMiles website here.

Note that the promo period for is until November 30, 2017. You must register for this offer by July 31, 2017, on LifeMiles website.

Here’s how the bonus add up:

Avianca LifeMiles Hotel Tour 20,000 Bonus Table


Wouldn’t mind participate to this bonus IF the other hotel partners (Hilton, IHG etc.) would be part of it as well and not just these 3rd party OTAs.

Here are the terms and conditions of this promotion:

  • This promotion will award our members with bonus miles additional to regular accrual with participating Hotel partners when accomplishing the established stays required

  • Promotion Period: July 13th at 00:00 local time on September 30th, 2017 at 23:59 local time.

  • The member can accrue a maximum of additional LM 20,000 through this promotion when completing all the challenges with participating hotel partners. Miles bonus are individual and are awarded when completing the required stays during the promotion, with the possibility to earn more miles with each stay.

  • Bonus miles apply for hotels locations under accrual agreements with LifeMiles. Make sure to consult the commercial partner the locations where you can accrue miles.

  • The mile bonus will be awarded by LifeMiles according to the reports from participating hotels. LifeMiles is not responsible for miles not accrued or accrued late because of late or lack of reporting by the participating hotel.

  • Only applies for members that subscribe to the promotion between July 13th to 31st 2017 Promotion Code HTAN01

  • The member will be awarded only if he/she completes the number of stays with hotels established by challenge.

  • All hotel stays must be completed during the promotion period between July 13th to September 30th 2017.

  • Only transactions made during the duration of the promotion will be taken into account. Does not apply for retroactive transactions. The member must provide his/her LifeMiles number when making hotel reservation stay with participating partners.

  • Stays with hotels partners must be completed between the promotion dates.

  • The bonus miles awarded by LifeMiles are independent from other ongoing commercial partner promotions.

  • Bonus miles will be accrued maximum until October 31st 2017 for platforms LifeMiles Hotels powered by Rocketmiles, Kaligo and Rocketmiles and until November 30th 2017 for The miles will be accrued according to the reports sent by the hotel partners during the promotion dates independently of the date in which the transaction was made. Bonus miles applies only for members subscribed to the Promotion

  • For bonus only apply the stays made after member subscription date

  • Bonus miles do not apply to reach or maintain LifeMiles Elite status.

  • The member must complete all the requisites and/or processes needed with every commercial partner to accrue LifeMiles.

  • For inquires about the promotion contact us at

  • LifeMiles terms and conditions apply. Consult terms at

  • LifeMiles is a trademark of LifeMiles LTD