Thai Airways Eliminates Popular Pre-Flight Meal Order Service For Their Royal Silk Business Class


Thai Airways has eliminated one of their most popular premium services for Business Class as the option to pre-order a specific meal for Royal Silk Class has disappeared from the website.

The airlines has offered this feature for many years and even though not very well known by leisure travelers it was extremely popular with regular Thai Airways Business Class guests.

Thai Airways often serves rather strange food in Business Class  and this pre-flight order feature was a great way to circumvent having to rely on their onboard meal choices, especially during breakfast hours.

You can access the information on the Thai Airways website here under Manage My Booking.

The option to order meals is still there for Royal First Class but has been taken offline for Royal Silk Business Class.

I have mentioned this option a couple of times in the past including in my comprehensive article about pre-flight meal order services from competing airlines (see here).

John also wrote about this feature on Thai Airways specifically in 2012 (see his article here).

These are the thirteen different options that used to be available:

They were mostly well prepared and you were able to select a real hot meal even for the dreaded breakfast service flights which I really don’t like.

Here is what I mostly selected, a nice Beef Steak in Peppercorn Sauce:

Some other options as they used to be displayed on the Thai Airways website:

So yes, unfortunately this option has been scrapped for good which is a real downside for Thai Airways when it comes to which airline to choose for a Business Class flight.

I first learned about this in April when I had a Business Class connection flight to Beijing but since I booked this only a few days in advance I wasn’t sure if that had anything to do with it. Now I reserved another flight to go to Bali next month and sure the enough while researching it deeper the option completely disappeared.

Passengers are still able to order special meals based on individual dietary requirements though.


While the meal on my last Beijing flight was perfectly fine there are routes and certain flights where the dishes in Business Class are anything but stellar and also those with limited service based on departure time such as breakfast.

I always preferred to select these specific main courses to not end up with an omelette and two sausages in Business Class or a small bowl of a local Thai dish when flying to Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. In fact the meals on the shorter routes often look no different to Economy Class except that they come on a tray with additional dishes such as salad.

I’m sad to see this option go away from Thai Airways and find it a rather strange cutback as most of their regional competitors now offer it for Business.