Fabulous Fridays: Fantastic Creatures (and Where to Find Them!)


Airlines and hotels like to wow their most valuable customers with the amenities they offer (well, some airlines and hotels more than others, at least). Amenity kits including premium cosmetic products, fruit platters, cheese, wine and fine chocolates are usually gifted as a welcome present all over the travel/hospitality industry when you travel on a premium cabin or stay at a suite.

But some brands go a step further turning their welcome amenities into collectibles, making (some of) us, frequent travelers of adult age, go around the world chasing the latest stuffed animal or rubber duck for our personal collection. Let’s take a look at the fantastic creatures some brands offer!

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines gifts their First Class customers with cute little teddy bears. They usually have two models available (male/female) and the outfits change to commemorate airline milestones or designated holidays.

The latest addition to their collection is this special 70th anniversary edition, announced last May on twitter and available in all their flights where First Class is offered: mine come from a recent HKG-SIN A380 Suites flight.

Conrad Hotels

Conrad Hotels also offer their premium clientele with a variety of stuffed animals. What started with teddy bears (of course) evolved to a more diverse offering. Some properties have opted for animals that represent better the city/region they’re at.

From left to right: Hong Kong bear, Chicago cows, Singapore bear:

My all time favorite: the Koh Samui turtle:

And the latest additions to my collection, a monkey from Bali and an elephant from Bangkok:

Lufthansa First Class

But probably no other fantastic creature has as much following among frequent travelers than the highly coveted Lufthansa First class rubber duckies. LH likes to threat their First Class passengers in Frankfurt (on the First Class Terminal) and Munich (First Class Lounge) with adorable rubber duckies from plain colored ones to customized outfits in commemoration of events or observed holidays.

The Lufthansa rubber duckies get their own following on Instagram!

My beloved Ahava in Lufthansa First Terminal @ Frankfurt

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KLM may not offer fantastic creatures to their Business Class passengers, but their Delft Blue houses are also highly coveted. With 96 models to choose and some special editions, KLM keeps their fanboys busy trying to collect them all!

아이 예뻐? #klm#델프트#delftblue#기념품#예쁨

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It’s human nature that anything turned into a collectible immediately becomes an object of desire, and airlines/hotels know it. These gifts are not expensive and they become a powerful marketing tool, especially nowadays in the times of social media.

Do you have any stuffed animals/collectibles from airlines/hotels?
Please post pictures of your treasures in the comments section!