IHG Rewards Club Reference Guide: Qualifying & Non-Qualifying Rates


IHG Rewards Club like any other hotel loyalty program has long list of non-qualifying rates listed on the T&Cs (that nobody ever reads).

IHG Rewards Club QUalifying Versus Non-qualifying Rates Expained

When I was doing research earlier today, I came across this handy PDF from IHG that clearly lays down what rates are qualifying and what not in much clearer format than what is hidden on the Terms and Conditions.

You can access IHG Rewards Club here.

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Here’s the IHG rate guide:

IHG Rate Guide 1IHG Rate Guide 2

Also in PDF:

Download (PDF, 115KB)

Things to note:

IHG Rate Guide ConferenceIHG Rate Guide LNR

Seems that hotels can decide if they award points on locally negotiated rates if the discount is greater than 30%.

Hotels are allowed to award points to non-qualifying if they choose to do so.

No points if folio is centrally billed to Master Folio

United States and Canada member can earn points for up to 9 rooms if all the charges are on his/her folio. This does not apply to InterContinental hotels.


These are all mentioned on the IHG Rewards Club Terms and Conditions but far better explained (love the description part with every rate type) on the chart/PDF above.

No new info here. Good to keep in hand, however, if need to explain to someone what rates are qualifying and what not.