Compensation Clinic: Marriott Santiago De Chile “Do Not Disturb” (Take Two!)


This week’s Compensation Clinic comes from my stay at the Santiago Marriott in Chile and is identical to the incident that happened precisely 12 months prior (read more here) at the very same hotel.

Compensation Clinic Marriott Santiago de Chile

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You can access Santigo Marriott’s website here.

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Here’s what happened:

Checked in late in the evening. Made sure with the front desk that they noted the 4PM check out in the system and gave me a key that would work until that time.

Housekeeping was knocking at the door at 9AM when I was doing some work. Told that I don’t need any service and put the Do Not Disturb-sign hanging outside of the door.

Then someone else was knocking at the door at 1PM. Turned out that it was the housekeeping supervisor. Tried to engage her in a conversation but she only spoke Spanish.

Spoke with the Manager on Duty that promised to check the situation and get back to me. Met her at the time of checking out and she offered 10,000 points. Got it raised to 15,000 due to same incident year prior. Déjà vécu!

Compensation Clinic Marriott Santiago de Chile Deposit

Waited six weeks for the points to post (hotels can deposit these online instantaneously). Dropped her an email and the points were in my account within a day.


Not sure why some hotels cannot get this right. Shouldn’t housekeeping supervisor check who are elite members and their check out times?

Surely they should have had a note on my account about the incident back in 2016 and not to repeat it on my future stays?

If there is DND hanging outside of the door, the supervisor should contact the front desk to find out whether the guest has extended the stay or perhaps already left and just forgot the sign (I always throw them in when leaving).

The correct procedure is the front desk to call the guest to find out if they need their room to be serviced or to find out what time they are leaving in case of past the check out time. For longer stays, the housekeeping should just slip a note under the door that they didn’t service the room and the guest should contact guest services in case they need their room to be serviced.